Power Backup Solutions

Networks, servers, workstations and storage systems are the central nerve center for business today and it is critical that they are protected by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). EDM offers wide variety of Network UPS, Server UPS and Storage UPS solutions that protect your vital IT equipment and data and.

HAWK DJ Line-interactive series (800VA, 1200VA & 1500VA)

HAWK EA900 Tower On-line series (1000VA -> 10000VA)

HAWK EA900RT Rack-mount On-Line series (1000VA -> 10000VA)

Alpha Sentra Rack/TowerLine-interactive series (1000VA, 1500VA, 2200VA & 3000VA)

Alpha Continuity Rack/Tower On-line series (1000VA -> 10000VA)

EATON E-Series Tower On-line (1000VA -> 10000VA)

EATON Powerware 5130 Rack/Tower Line-interactive series (2500VA & 3000VA)

EATON Powerware 9130 Rack/Tower On-line series (1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA & 3000VA)

EATON Powerware 9135 Rack/Tower On-line series (5000VA & 6000VA)