Telematics Solutions

Trax Locator for Real Time Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Trax Locator solution offers live Web and Windows based vehicle tracking and fleet management, providing around the clock visibility, tracking and control of your mobile workforce from any internet enabled PC using a free downloadable Google earth version.
Our 100% Web and Windows-based vehicle tracking platforms provide:
  • Real time visibility of vehicle location
  • Historical data of routes, site visits, vehicle speeds, idling, driver behavior and more
  • Unlimited customer sites / geo-fenced areas
  • A range of alarms and alerts straight to your mobile or e-mail inbox
  • Full reporting suite
  • Improved security and protection for drivers and vehicles
  • Fuel usage calculator
  • Fleet utilization and job dispatch
  • Two-way messaging between office and vehicle
  • Monitoring of vehicle systems, such as temperature alerting, door sensor, over-speeding alerting, etc…

Why Should I Use Trax Locator?
Trax Locator system is designed to help your business reduce operating costs and increase revenues, through improving productivity and efficiency, enhancing security and safety of your drivers and vehicles and ultimately delivering better customer service.

Trax Locator Basic Features:
  • GPS - based Location and Status Reporting on GSM/GPRS Networks
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and status monitoring
  • Store and forward capability - store up to 8000 records
  • Historical data and reporting
Street and Road Mapping:
  • Multiple Geo-Fences on Specific Landmarks / Locations
  • User can detect entrance and exit of a vehicle to and from a certain geo-fence
  • Unlimited geo-fences can be set up for each vehicle
  • Cabling and over-the-air Configuration & Upgrades
  • Reduce the cost by upgrading TRAX remotely
  • Modify some of the functionalities quickly and easily
Data Compression:
  • Software compression - save communication fees
  • Reading interval dynamically changed to reduce number of points per track
  • Trax Locator Optional Features at Additional Cost
Telemetry Services:
  • Over-speeding detection
  • Door lock / unlock
  • Vehicle idling
  • Engine immobilization
  • J1708/1939 monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Seat belt monitoring
  • RFID Driver Authentication and Authorization
  • Maintenance Services
  • Distance based maintenance alerts
  • Time based maintenance alerts
  • Internal Battery
  • Auto-recharging capability
  • Ability to support operation without a vehicle battery
J1708/1939 Capability:
Integrates vehicle data into enterprise systems for maintenance and logistics planning
Trax Locator Specifications:
  • Networks
  • GSM/SMS/GPRS/Quad Band
  • Input voltage – 9 – 32 VDC
Current (at 12VDC):
  • Power up to 2000mA (one time)
  • Transmitting 350mA
  • Standby (receive) -70mA
  • Sleep (ignition off) – 3mA
  • Operating temperature: -30?C to +75?C
  • Storage temperature: -40?C to +85?C
  • Humidity: 95% max (non-condensing)
  • GPS active antenna
  • Standard inside glass GSM antenna
  • Optional antenna that combines GPS and GSM communications
  • TCP
Optional Hardware:
  • Telemetry port and cable
  • Internal lithium polymer battery (2800mA hour)
  • RFID Reader
  • J1708/1939 interface
  • Optional Accessories
  • Panic button (in-vehicle / remote)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Optional Telemetry
  • Total of 18 I/O ports – 7 Digital Inputs – 7 Analog Inputs – 4 Digital outputs
  • 15A relay with blade connectors
  • Analog to digital converter 10bit resolution
Trax Locator Reports:
  • Summary Report
  • Distance Report
  • Zone Stops Report
  • Daily Stops Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Driving Hours Report
  • Stops Report
  • Speed Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Temperature Report
  • Door Sensor Report
  • Over Speed Report
*Additional reports can be developed upon customer’ request
Support for Our Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Services:
We pride ourselves on offering the very best in customer service and support for all our fleet management services.
Our team of professional vehicle tracking system installers can be flexible to meet your needs.
Secure Data Hosting:
We take every step to ensure that the sensitive data relating to your vehicles is protected with the latest technology.