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Asset Tracker

Asset Tracking Solution from Teltonika

Protect Your Valuables.

Asset Tracker tracks your physical assets through a fully-automated process, allowing your organization to protect its valuables against theft.

Asset Tracker Easy

Asset Tracking, Easy.

Nothing gives you greater advantage in business than knowing the location of all your assets. Not everything is connected to trucks, vehicles with external power and has a driver around. There are millions of assets in the world that are difficult to track.

With Asset Tracker from Teltonika, you can track anything, anywhere. From construction equipment monitoring, assets, furniture, tools, generators to leasing companies, where the tracker could work as a backup.

Asset Tracker Easy
3 new red trucks 750 x 392

Transport Goods
with Peace of Mind.

An important investment for any company, organization, or manufacturer looking to secure business, asset tracking can do the following:

Improve efficiency and trim costs

Easily locate assets at any time and in real-time

Conduct asset tracking using fewer resources

Improve customer service

Better, Safer, More Efficient
Fleet Operations.

At EDM, we are always committed to providing the easiest solutions for your organization. This is why we always make sure we’re the pioneers at bringing you the newest methods and technologies, such as asset trackers.

Track vehicles

Save money

Get detailed reports


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