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Streamline Your Field Operations with
Check-In Check-Out Software

Manage your field service employees efficiently.

Manage your field service employees efficiently with our Check-In Check-Out Software Solution. With just one click, employees can easily check in or check out from their mobile phone, tablet, or any portable device, and the location will be logged in automatically, allowing you to keep track of time spent on each task accurately.

A solution powered by Odoo designed to streamline and optimize your field operations. The user-friendly solution offers efficient check-in and check-out functionality, attendance management, leave management, and comprehensive reporting. 

Take control of your field service management and enhance productivity with a powerful software.

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Check-In Check-Out on the Go

Manage your field operations on the go with our mobile-friendly Check-In Check-Out Software Solution. Easily handle check-ins, check-outs, track field activities, and record the time spent on each job. Additionally, you can log customer names for better customer visit tracking and management while the location will be logged in automatically. All you have to do is turn on your location and press the check-in or check-out buttons.


Why Do You Need This Solution?

Efficient Field Employee Management

Easily manage your field service employees with our software. Streamline the check-in and check-out process, saving time and effort for both employees and managers. Track time spent on each task accurately, allowing for better resource allocation and billing processes.

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Stay on top of your field employees' activities and locations in real-time. Monitor work progress, ensure timely completion of tasks, and make data-driven decisions for optimal resource management.

Seamless Attendance Management

Simplify attendance management for your mobile employees. Our software automates check-ins and check-outs, automatically logging locations and providing accurate attendance records. Easily track and record client visits to enhance customer relationship management.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your field operations with our robust reporting features. Generate customized reports on employee performance, task durations, attendance records, and customer visits. Use these insights to identify areas for improvement and make informed business decisions.

How It Works

Effortless Check-In

Employees can easily check in in the morning to signal the beginning of work with a single click when they arrive at their designated location. This initiates the tracking of their tasks and time spent.

Smooth Check-Out

At the end of each task or job, employees can check out just as easily. This concludes the time tracking and updates the system with the task's completion.

Insights & Admin Access

The admin can enter through his panel and view all attendances of all employees. For field sales the admin can also view the name of the customer if it was entered in addition to the location that was logged in automatically. In addition, admins will have access to insightful reports and analytics for better decision-making.

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Who Can Benefit from Check-In Check-Out Software Solution?

Field Service Companies

Companies that provide field services such as maintenance, repair, installation, or inspections , facility management

Construction and Contracting Companies

Construction firms and contractors with field teams

Utilities and Energy Companies

Utility companies, such as gas, water, and electricity providers

Healthcare and Home Care Services

Home healthcare providers, nursing agencies, and other healthcare organizations with mobile caregivers

Transportation and Logistics

Companies in the transportation and logistics industry


Telecommunication service providers with technicians in the field

Sales and Marketing

Sales teams that operate in the field

Security Services

Security companies that have field private security employees who need to be onsite at the client's locations.

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Why Choose EDM as Your Implementation Partner

EDM is an Odoo Silver partner, based in Lebanon that offers Odoo solutions to Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. EDM has the right team of product experts to enable your project management, migration, and support of your Odoo environment with all necessary localizations for Lebanon and KSA.

Fully Invested in You

We offer a complimentary assessment of your current environment and propose the right supporting solutions that will enable your digital transformation process.

Extended Expertise

Being part of a company who has been established 30 years ago, and is one of the leaders in the technology industry, has enabled extended expertise to the team who benefits from knowledge of the pain points and best practices in each industry.

Team Availability

When working on big projects it is critical to have your service provider readily available and in the same time zone as you.  We also have a multilingual team (Arabic, English, French), to enhance communication, facilitate meetings, and enable project completion as per the planned timeline.

High Ethical Standards

When working with a partner, you are sharing access to your crucial data, we treat your data with the highest business operations standards related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

More Reasons to Choose EDM


For customers in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the MENA region, we have developed local add-ons to fit the legal requirements of each country such as VAT, accounting, e-invoice, QR code, WhatsApp integration, and mobile solutions.


We don’t believe in one solution fits all, every business has unique needs, and we are have the necessary experienced team to do needed customization to increase the added value of each software solution.

Reduced Downtime

Our experience and the many projects that we have implemented, have enabled us to develop strong project management best practices which lead to fast implementation and reduce business interruption.

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