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Cyber Security

A Holistic Data Security Approach is a Must

Data is becoming more valuable than ever before. End users are creating, modifying, and deleting data on their laptops and the cloud every second. Employees are working remotely and on premises. Unexpected events and cyberattacks on all levels are increasing dramatically worldwide, which necessitates the implementation of cyber security.

Your security team needs to keep up with these risks while remaining compliant and enabling the business. Free or basic security tools aren’t keeping pace and can’t cover all the potential risks that you are encountering. Such solutions typically address a single dimension of risk, some of which take months to deploy and burden your IT team with constant fine-tuning. It’s time to implement a comprehensive Risk Management approach for data protection.

Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response

Threat Protection

Continuous Monitoring

Patch Management

Endpoint Detection & Response

Indication of Compromise

Certificate Assessment

Next Generation Firewall

Mobile Device Management

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