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All in One.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an advanced all-in-one business management solution (ERP) with automated processes, global mobility, easy accessibility, and strong security to protect your business.

In addition, it’s a single end-to-end solution for managing all your business processes. However, it is considered a part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 range of business applications. It is incredibly flexible and can be customized to suit any business. Also, it can be deployed in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. Moreover, this solution is enhanced by Microsoft every year.  

Furthermore, our business management solution is of great value, because it integrates with other Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, and can be customized for specific industry needs.

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Complete Integration.

Connect operations across your small and medium-sized business. This solution is highly beneficial for users as it enables them to:

  • Move to the cloud easily
  • Enhance your financial visibility and decisions
  • Finalize your projects on time while cutting costs
  • Unlock amazing productivity insights
  • Boost sales & customer satisfaction
  • Optimize your track record for inventory and supply chain


Our Microsoft solution’s features allow getting real-time visibility related to the performance of any business. In other words, you can share information easily and securely with a third party and gain more control over your budgets and cash flow.

Manage your inventory efficiently.

Centralize your financial management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions.

In addition, you can now empower decision making when you are guided by connected processes, predictive analytics, and real-time data.

Use Dynamics 365 Business Central to perform common resource & project management tasks and get all the needed data to help manage budgets and monitor progress.

Moreover, track machine and employee project hours using timesheets and access real-time data on available resources, such as employees and machinery.

This solution automates workflows and inventory levels to enable businesses to monitor and control sales orders and purchasing processes.

Besides, it increases security and implements approval processes to prevent unauthorized purchases.

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s features enhance operational efficiency, provide effective contract management, and enforce critical processes whether they are contracts, warranties, SLAs, or mobile service management. Most importantly, we achieve SLAs and drive customer loyalty!

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s sales & marketing features shorten the time from quote to cash by connecting sales and accounting. Additionally, it enables you to easily handle multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses per customer, including direct shipment and invoicing addresses.

Dynamics 365 Business Central can help manage the production process of simple or complex manufacturing requirements including planning, scheduling, inventory, distribution, and financial management.

Consequently, you can control the consumption of raw materials and manage machines and human activities.

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