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Fast, Flexible Financial and Business Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics Inside of Excel

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Cut Reporting Time and Costs

No more waiting on consultants or IT departments to get you the reports you need. With Jet Reports, there are no hard-coding or programming skills required so your team can explore data and create or modify reports on their own.

Financial Reporting in a Familiar Environment

Quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, using the same fields and calculations you’re used to, right inside of Excel.

Never Second Guess a Report Again

Gain instant access to your reports on the web or from a mobile device, so you never second guess a decision, no matter where you are.

Insightsoftware / Jet Analytics

Get accurate and reliable reporting and analytics for all your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data with Insighsoftware, the single source of truth.

Shrink Planning Cycles and Simplify Processes

The recent shift to remote working has created a new urgency for planning tools that simplify management of budget entry and approvals, while shortening cycle times.
Adding Bizview, a robust, web-based planning solution, gives you these capabilities along with the ability to use Jet Reports’ powerful and intuitive GL function to combine live data from Microsoft Dynamics with budget models and budget versions. With a faster process, you can create more budget versions and analyze variances more frequently to improve budget and forecast accuracy.

Simplified Data Estate

Jet Analytics empowers business users to connect multiple data sources for fast and reliable reporting and analytics. Therefore, you can easily report inside Excel or Power BI with no coding and without requiring technical expertise. However, you can now establish a system of record with historical data and multiple data sources to guarantee that everyone is using the same information to run their reports.

Enable Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

With easy and quick self-service analytics and reporting, business users can manage and create the reports they need without relying on IT to prepare their data. In other words, focus on running the business, not being a data expert.

Speed Up Reporting

Jet Analytics allows you to combine multiple data sources into a data warehouse, customizable cubes, and tabular models on a platform that allows configurations five times faster than manual coding. Hence, you can now build and share dashboards within minutes and gain valuable business insight from day one.

Decrease Cost of Ownership

Reduce dependency on expensive technical experts by implementing reporting and analytics changes in-house, whenever your business needs require you to change. Above all, maximize productivity by centralizing data access rules and by automating data refreshes.

Reduce the Risks and Costs of Your ERP Upgrades

Jet Analytics is designed to reduce the complexity and increase the velocity of your Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

In short, it helps streamline your future upgrades by eliminating the need to migrate legacy data into your new ERP and maintaining unlimited sources of legacy data in one consolidated reporting and analytics platform.

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