Inventory & Manufacturing

Software from Odoo

Maximize Your
Warehouse Efficiency.

Odoo Modules such as Inventory, Purchase, Repairs, and Barcode ensure the finest warehouse management. Inventory mode supports multiple shipping integrators in the area where you operate.

Odoo inventory

Intelligible Inventory.

Get a clear overview of stock moves: incoming product receipts, outbound deliveries, internal transfers, and drop shipping. All of these are fully integrated with the Sales, Purchase, and Manufacturing apps.

Control physical products and access all of the relevant information that pertains to your items, including the type (storable or consumable), whether it’s sellable or manufactured, the inventory route, invoicing policy, preferred vendors, categories, SKUs, or item numbers, etc.

Use barcode scanners for every inventory operation. Thanks to the powerful barcode interface: it allows the use of barcodes for inventories, incoming shipments, packing orders, etc.

Synchronize purchased order with your stock by generating a receipt and your accounting by allowing you to create a vendor bill based on either the ordered or the actual delivered quantity.

Efficient Production Management.

Odoo manufacturing and production management brings your production operations to the next level of efficiency. Successfully execute manufacturing, maintenance, quality management, and product lifecycle management operations.

Odoo Manufacturing and Production management

Improve Performance & Process Time.

Get full traceability, BOM versioning, routing and work order management, quality control, real-time communication, production planning, costing analysis, and more

Work center control panel on tablets gives detailed instructions with worksheets to perform quality checks, scan products, track time, and even link manufacturing processes with connected devices through the IoT box

Manage engineering changes and product life cycles

Odoo PLM harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help you communicate more efficiently across multiple departments

Ensure easy communication of work processes among employees

Simple, centralized, and real-time approvals and discussions on documents

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