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Why Hybrid Cloud Data Backup Solution?

Have you realized the importance of the hybrid cloud backup solution? Or still aware of it?

Hybrid cloud backup services, and solution, can be the best IT (Information Technology) strategy for your business in the new era!

This article will help you know what are the types of data backup, how data backup works, what are its best features, and advantages, and how EDM IT department can help you in implementing cloud computing.

What do you know about Backup services and solution?

Get introduced to today’s backup options and how they can affect your business.                                 Hybrid Cloud Backup Data Solution

File Based Backups solution

You can only save specific files and folders as needed. File based backups allow you to restore individual files, full restores are possible, but because restoration software handles only one file at a time, the process is time consuming.

Image Based Backup solution

A picture of the entire machine is taken, with image based backups you can restore individual files, do bare-metal restores, verify images, boot up virtual machines, and even run remote offices.

Because an image backup contains more complete data picture, full restores are much faster and more reliable than they are with file based solution.

Agentless backups that were created to retain the benefits of agent-based backup without the expense of per-server agents, do not require any software to be installed on the machine you want to protect, the backup process can be more efficient, however by installing the software known as agent. A backup agent can monitor sector level changes in the machine drive. This lets the backup process know which sector to pull resulting in a low load on the machine during backup. The backup agent that EDM provides have one more advantage than other backup solutions. It has two backup engines if one fails, the other will kick in automatically, greatly improving the chances of capturing a healthy backup.

Local Backup solution

The local backup solution saves data to an on-site device and while a local only backup can be quick and easy, relying solely on local backup can be dangerous, and risky, especially in case of disasters, you will lose your only data.

Cloud Backup solution

Direct data to the cloud backup solution, send data to a secure off-site location.

Transferring data to and from the cloud is dependent on bandwidth speed so it can be slower than local data backups. However, having your data in a cloud could be your salvation in a disaster.

Hybrid cloud Solution

A hybrid cloud solution combines the best of both world’s local and cloud, a hybrid cloud system is less dependent on bandwidth speed and cloud only solution. It can schedule transfers without the risk of having no backup data. With a hybrid cloud solution you can be up and running from local backup in seconds. And you can also count on an off-site backup if that was needed.

Why hybrid cloud backup solution is your best solution for data loss prevention? Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution Benefits

Hybrid cloud Backup solutions provide a single, comprehensive, and integrated approach to data protection, their complete range of capabilities allow you to securely protect all sources and types of corporate data.

If you are in charge of your company’s Information Technology, IT, you know that data is your best asset.

To insure your data remains protected, you should always make three backup copies, using two types of storage media, and one copy off-site in the cloud, since it’s the only way to keep your business data completely bulletproof, and secured.

Online hybrid cloud backup insure your data security, it’s the right solution for your data to stay safe.

What Backup service is right for your company?

Having a huge team of IT engineers is really expensive. And not to waste your time searching for backup solutions that you don’t know if they may serve you right.  EDM is here for you!

EDM provides you with the best international and well known backup services and solutions.

Let’s talk about EDM backup services, and what are their best features and advantages?

EDM backup services are your complete, cost effective and easy to manage solution, where you can make your own back up on your premises, and on a cloud for complete hybrid protection.

By using EDM data backup services you can save all your selected folders, files, and disk images to the cloud, and restore data directly from the cloud to the same or different hardware. EDM backup services enable you to create unlimited groups, and backup accounts to easily scale your backup service with your business, keep track of your protection strategy for every office, and department in your company, and control employee access based on their role, and responsibilities.

EDM IT department backup solutions are web based cloud management council where you can manage your data centrally, and remotely. It is designed to save you time, and money, and gives you a peace of mind. All you need is to cloud it.

Our IT department will always help you protect your data with the most reliable and cost effective backup solutions available. EDM provides you with the fastest, most complete, and most guaranteed backup and recovery solution that adapts an image based approach, employs dual backup agents and provides a hybrid cloud module by combining the benefits of both local, and cloud based storage.

Let’s talk soon to help you find a solution that will meet all your needs. 

Make your data invincible, experience IT.

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