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LOGGIT Temperature Monitoring

What's LOGGIT?

LOGGIT is an affordable real-time web-based monitoring system for temperature, humidity, liquid levels, door movements, and door sensors in the location where it is installed.

It can mainly monitor four categories:

Monitor the ambient temperature and humidity

Monitor door opening and closing

Monitor the liquid levels, especially the ones used for fuel levels

Control alarm signals, heaters, fans…

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Main Features

Automated Alerts


Detailed history reports

Customized indicators

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With LOGGIT, you can prevent spoilage, damage, or unsafe conditions for your products with instant alerts.

Makes sure that your temperature-dependent products stay safe when they are being stored.

It provides an accurate way to remotely monitor temperature and humidity over an IP network.

Who Can Use LOGGIT

The need for real-time, remote temperature monitoring software is critical for numerous industries:

Data centers and server rooms

Companies with perishable and packaged products

Pharmaceutical companies


Fuel companies

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