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Find Out The Power Of Modern Retailing

Small and Medium retail enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Lebanese retail industry. They are the main important factor that plays a major role in building up and developing the Lebanese economic and social structure.

Small and Medium retail enterprises comprise over 95% of total businesses, contribute up to 33% of GDP (growth domestic product) and employ 45% of the workforce according to a study done in January 2018.

Comprising over 95% of total private enterprises and employing over 45% of total workforce; retail business in Lebanon are considered one of the main pillars of the Lebanese economy, and A vital and necessary element to the Lebanese economy.

So for these retail Lebanese enterprises to continue its growth. And help in pushing the Lebanese retail industry development forward, they need business solutions which are practical, easy to use and quick to deploy, as well as powerful, relevant and financially affordable.

EDM; Engineering, Manufacturing, and Designing company has the perfect business and retail solutions that help these retail enterprises stand in front of any internal or external obstacle they might Face.

EDM now has become an LS NAV Retail partner and distributor that can provide all retail and hospitality companies with the simplest business solution, and the key that leads them to succeed and be a great examples in their industry.

Why LS NAV Retail and what it can add to your retail business?

Meeting customers’ expectations and satisfying them is not that easy task nowadays, but it is a necessity! And we all know "why?” because the only thing that makes a retail business lead is customer satisfaction! If your customer is aiming to buy a certain item in the simplest, and fastest way they can, and you couldn’t meet their expectations, then you have to assume that this customer may not visit your stores or refer to your business again, also they may not search for your business online anymore, which means losing a source of profit!, losing one customer after another will make it so hard for your company to compete, and will make it difficult for you to be in the light again so why putting your business in this situation?


Using a retail management software is not a loss of money. It is an organised way to make money faster, and in a simple way on the long term, you don’t need to calculate cost of having a retail management software the thing that you have to do is starting to predict the profit you’ll gain in the future!

Fulfilling the needs of today’s consumer requires collaboration between different parties, and retailers to improve in the following fields:


  • Selling goods across multiple channels
  • Working with 3rd party logistic vendors
  • Providing a consistent, speedy and personalised customer service. 


LS NAV retail is a vital solution that enable retailers to perfectly work with suppliers and customers in the same manner. It is no longer sufficient for retailers to use conventional ERP systems for their business. LS NAV helps retailers have consumer and supplier portals, It helps you to predict and organise your workflow, integrate customer data, implement loyalty programs and have mobile solutions, and web stores.

There are a lot of business solutions that may solve different aspects in retailing like. E-commerce solutions, reporting solutions, data analysis solutions, loyalty solutions, but are these disparate separated solutions efficient, fast, and simple? Are they affordable? Does having a separate solutions for your business helps you organise your workflow or be able to analyse data, and make the right decisions in the simplest and fastest way?

LS NAV Retail is a one integrated module addresses all needed business solutions that work seamlessly together for any modern retailer. It’s the retailer’s one stop shop that stores their data, and from this one stop shop solution provider, you can create a store conventional or virtual that keep customers coming back!

Let’s put this in a real life example and explain it practically!

Let’s say you are a supermarket owner in the Lebanese retail industry, and you are a Microsoft Dynamic NAV user, who wants to know how many items of canned tuna you have sold per day. You requested this information from the stock keeper, and you insisted to have the information after 10 minutes… the stock keeper will definitely reply to your request by this can’t be done in 10 minutes because we don’t have a retail software management that can be integrated with our NAV software and we have to do this task manually, and by then you will realise that the need of having LS NAV Retail is necessary since you can have these information on the spot! You can have data reports on stock, sales, and profit per day simply and fast with no time and money costs!

LS NAV Retail software is the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the retail and hospitality industry based on Microsoft Dynamics technology. For more than two decades, LS Retail has focused on providing solutions that meet the needs of retailers worldwide, and now EDM can provide you with these solutions in Lebanon, we are only one click away, request your free demo NOW!

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