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How To Successfully Manage Your Workflow?!

You’re a Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a SharePoint user, but still can’t manage your workflow successfully?

Here is what you need to use; NavSherpa an integrated platform that will simplify your business process management and helps you manage your workflow successfully!

What can Navsherpa  provide you? 

As a NAV user, there are 100 even 1000 questions and emails that you may receive on a daily basis about a product, invoice or a purchase order that you need to follow up on and make the work run faster.

NavSherpa can provide you with the needed features that helps you reach better results by combining your documents with your transactions in one place, you don’t need to go and waste time searching for documents anymore!, All documents are saved in the same given record, if you’re looking for your customer agreements, for example, all you need to do is to type "X customer agreements” in the search tab and all the needed data related to this customer will be viewed in front of you.

This platform can be your extra eye on your business, no need to get lost with or lose data anymore, even you don’t need to print a paper anymore, since it enables you to go paperless! All your data will be saved and backed up in a cloud based software where you can easily access and manage by simply linking your documents in SharePoint with Dynamics NAV.

How can NavSherpa do so?

NavSherpa will give you the ability to reduce costs, and manage your time and work more efficiently by empowering users with fast and error-less document processing. It enables users to comfortably work under one roof, besides searching and filtering documents in an easy simple and fast way.

Navsherpa main elements are; deploy, use, and manage.

You can deploy SharePoint directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV! There are three important features that you need to know about

1. Metadata Entity management: This feature automatically creates user records in tabs, fill metadata, create a relation between entities and attach them to documents.

2. Automated Deployment: Where you can deploy the DMS into NAV within hours – without the need of a SharePoint expert.

3. Cloud: NavSherpa can utilize the Microsoft cloud environment to enable your customers to easily exchange data and processes with your local NAV system.

In Use face; you can Upload documents using drag drop functionality and see them inside Dynamics NAV.

On the Use stage there are five features that you can benefit from:

First the most important feature "Smart Tree” that allows you to upload documents to SharePoint directly from the NAV record card.

Second "Library Insight” which is a new Fast Tab with a full-featured embedded SharePoint document library web browser.

Third "Navigate docs.” This feature displays documents not only on the records which you attached the documents to but also on tables that are linked to the original records.

Fourth the "Print to SharePoint functionality” that allows you to redirect any print output from the Dynamics NAV in PDF, Word or Excel to SharePoint storage.

The fifth and last feature is the "New Doc from Template functionality” that allows you to create new documents using the SharePoint template directly from Dynamics NAV.

In the Last Face the Manage stage there are two important features that assure the seamless and accuracy of your workflow management system.

The "Workflow Management” that allows you to start the approval process by submitting an application to SharePoint and to automatically update the request status in a special FactBox, And the "Access Group Management” that is used to bulk-set access rights to user groups, which can be assigned to different MS Dynamics NAV records.