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Jcc (Al Jihad For Commerce And Contracting) Successful Story

JCC (Al Jihad for Commerce and Contracting) is a leading contracting and real estate development company in the Middle East region. JCC is one of the most important clients at EDM. Meet Mr. Osama Sarraj, the financial controller, telling JCC’s successful story with EDM.

As a group of Companies that work in construction and manufacturing, JCC were implementing a new project in Egypt and they were in need for a business solution that will lead them to succeed. After the market search, JCC contacted EDM to be their partners in the project for developing and supporting their business by providing them with the best software. JCC chose EDM after several work experiences with more than one business Solutions Company.

Mr. Sarraj stated that their two main problems to implement their project in Egypt was the amount of data needed to be uploaded to the software, since they needed to go live the soonest possible. The water was also a problem for they use it as a raw material.

EDM has consulted and advised JCC to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a software to succeed. JCC trusted their choice.

EDM team walked through the project step by step with JCC. Ali Melhem, EDM’s Senior NAV consultant, gave them the solutions needed to proceed, and he made sure that they would go live in six months after starting the implementation. After three to four meetings in Beirut and ten days of hard work in Egypt, the whole journey of JCC resulted in success.

How did EDM Microsoft Business Solutions team help JCC overcome their obstacles?

After requesting their consultation, EDM team presented by Ali Melhem, took JCC’s problems on their own and found the needed solutions in the fastest ways possible.

JCC’s first problem was the "water”. In fact, as a manufacturing company, they use water as a raw material but it wasn’t a stock and inventory in their records, so they receive it as a bill on consumables at the end of every year. This problem made it hard for JCC to know the cost of goods sold. The right solution provided by EDM for JCC was to open a new record for the water as resources and include it in the bill of materials.

JCC only pays for the amount of water they consume at the end of every year, so to prevent duplication and to accurately indicate the cost of water, EDM team linked the cost of resource to a separate account (direct cost, credit account) other than that of the water expense account (debit). The difference between the two amounts will be now included in the income statement with accurate values.

EDM Microsoft Business Solutions team provided JCC with this solution after testing all scenarios and making sure of everything related to journal vouchers and accounting records.

The other problem that JCC faced, was the amount of data needed to be uploaded to the software so they could go live the soonest possible. EDM team helped JCC make this progress by uploading data on a daily process without losing their reporting capabilities.

To achieve their objective, EDM team uploaded the data as single documents,to maintain its quality, even though it took them more effort. Then, they created a migration tool and uploaded all the data that is not related to reporting directly to the software in order to save time and keep the work efficient.

With that being done, EDM Microsoft Solutions Department team helped JCC achieve their objective and go live in the fastest and most efficient way.

This progress made JCC start working on a new project with EDM. Today, they are satisfied with the services provided.

EDM is more than happy to help JCC and every business achieve their objectives!

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