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Serum Products Group Successful Story

Serum is a Lebanese ISO certified and GMP qualified pharmaceutical organization, specialized in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of intravenous and irrigation solutions in the Lebanese healthcare market and the Levant region. 

Meet Mrs Rasha Haidar: Serum’s Group Accounting Manager and Mrs Hiba Mogharbel Serum’s Production Manager, telling their successful story with EDM.

Serum’s objective was to develop their business in the market and improve their working process and performance. Therefore, they decided to change their software because it wasn’t serving them right.

Serum used to be and still are one of EDM’s hardware department loyal clients. Since they were more than satisfied with EDM’s customer service, they requested from us to provide them with the suitable software that will help grow their business.
EDM advised Serum to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV "Dynamics 365 Business Central Today!” as a software for their company in order to improve their workflow and make them more satisfied by helping them reach more efficient results other than any else software. 
After presenting Dynamics NAV and introducing it by Mr Imad Kozem, EDM’s Managing Partner, and Mr Amer Abed Alwahab EDM's Operations Manager, and Senior NAV Consultant, Serum trusted EDM’s choice so they decided to start using Dynamics NAV without requesting any other enquiry or advice from any business solutions company in the market.

The great features of Dynamics NAV "Business Central” and its integration helped Serum by joining all its departments’ teams so they better communicate, by being able to do the reporting, analysis, forecast, and achieve the desired results.
The Microsoft department’s team and consultants at EDM who were represented by Fouad Traboulsi and Kholoud Mohsen, helped Serum by customising the software in the best ways available to serve them and their work right in more than one sector and department like manufacturing, supply chain, and accounting.

As always EDM’s team insures that they provide all the support needed for all our clients from the starting point "software implementation” till they go live, and proceed faster with their work.
In all their handled projects EDM’s team never allowed the deceleration of any clients working process, and they help in completing all their daily records and work regardless of the software implementation.

What are the facilities and benefits that EDM provided Serum with by implementing Dynamics NAV for their business? 

Mrs Hiba Mogharbel the Production Manager of Serum explains precisely how Dynamics NAV "Business Central today!” helped them organize their workflow, their data collection, and forecast. 

Dynamics NAV helped Serum by reducing the time needed for the production department team to collect data, due to its integration that links all the related tasks of one process to each other, where all the needed data from different departments like the sales and the purchasing department can appear in one place "the production forecast report”. This report provides accurate information and thus the employee will be able to apply the production schedule with no mistakes.

EDM’s Microsoft consultants Kholoud Mohsen and Fouad Traboulsi guided Serum Team by providing all the needed training for them to improve their performance and capabilities when using Dynamics NAV and to reduce errors.

Mrs Haidar stated that in the accounting Department there was a problem concerning the stock evaluation, which contains items that are not tangible like human effort and energy so there was a great difficulty to have a real value for the stock. Due to the well customization done to the software, EDM’s Dynamics NAV consultants were able to add this option to the software where the accountant is able to add the indirect cost directly to the item when manufactured and know its numerical cost directly without waiting to create the final report at the end of every year.

All this work done by EDM’s team helped Serum reach their desired objective of being able to have real numerical values to make new business decisions based on it and thus develop their workflow, reduce cost, time and human errors. 
EDM is proud of working with Serum and help every business achieve their objectives!
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