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CS Modern Food Company MFC

Founded in 2012, MFC owns and operates prestigious and internationally renowned fine dining and casual dining franchises. Their portfolio includes such names as Myazu, Robata, Billionaire, Urth Caffé, Coya, Beefbar and Crazy Pizza. Today, the company employs more than 1,500 employees. 

Business Case

MFC used to run its business on several software systems. As they acquired more brands, MFC started facing a number of operational issues including: 

  • Inefficiencies and waste – Managing food procurement and inventory across multiple locations was complex. 
  • Inconsistent accounting – They couldn’t report VAT from multiple locations. 
  • Complicated staff management – Managing shift schedules and calculating wages for a large team was difficult and time-consuming. 
  • No recipe management or production module – The company needed a system that could effectively manage their recipes across the operation. 
  • Scattered data across business locations – They didn’t have a clear overview of performance per restaurant, employee, menu, and couldn’t pinpoint where to make improvements. 
  • Reduced productivity – Manual processes cost the company time and money, and often resulted in errors. 

These challenges had impact on all aspects of the company and prevented them from reaching their business goals. Ultimately, the employees’ frustration and customers’ dissatisfaction started affecting gross margins and return on investment. 

At MFC, everything revolves around their guests’ experience. To exceed their guests’ expectations and retain their best employees, the company realized they needed a solution that would help them tackle their industry’s challenges. 

The solution

MFC selected LS Central for restaurants as its new restaurant management system. LS Central was deemed to be the best solution to meet their business needs because it gives users a 360° view of their business, as well as extensive functionality to manage restaurants effectively. Moreover, the software makes it easy to deploy new locations and expand the business with limited effort. 

The software was implemented by EDM, a highly experienced LS Retail partner in Saudi Arabia.  


MFC quickly started experiencing benefits. Today they finally have complete visibility over the entire business, from the back office all the way to the kitchens and front of house. By using one single system, MFC now enjoys: 

  • Total control over the business – “With a single Point of Sale (POS) interface rolled out across all locations locally and internationally, it is now easy to change menus, prices, and offers,” says Ayman Abu Alezz, Group Finance Director at MFC. 
  • Efficient data replication – By maintaining all data in one centralized database, the management knows exactly what’s going on in each location.  
  • Easier onboarding of new employees and greater employee retention – The system is easy to use for both seasoned and new staff. Employees get easy access to the information and functionality they need to perform their tasks, based on their job role.
  • Successful financial management – MFC has been able to eliminate monthly manual reports, as they can now control and reconcile all transactions, sales, and expenses with all POS through the system. This means they can manage every location’s transactions, receivables, and payables when they need it. With access to timely, reliable data, the management can solve quickly any operational or financial error that might occur.
  • Better inventory management – The company has experienced a decrease in wastage and visible improvements in stock management.
  • Better decision-making – MFC can access to powerful reports and analytics, and gain key insights to improve profitability across all locations. 

 Thanks to the scalability of LS Retail software solutions and the width and breadth of functionality, MFC is confident they will continue to spark innovation and provide a superior guest experience in all their restaurants.  

LS Retail software had great impact on our franchise management practices. It has significantly improved efficiency, productivity, and data visibility, and we know now that our multi-chain business can expand with confidence.

 Ayman Abu Alezz, Group Finance Director at MFC

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