Telematics & Tracking Solutions

Grow Your Fleet’s Performance.

Telematics technology can help fleet managers improve operations in major areas.

Decreased fuel costs

Telematics can help to track waste, such as vehicle idling or fuel slippage, and which will enable managers to address them promptly. The result will impact fuel usage efficiency. It also can help management plan the most efficient route for each driver to reduce unnecessary mileage.

Improved safety

Continuous feedback regarding driving behavior can reduce unwanted driving habits such as speeding or harsh braking.

Better payroll management

By tracking the precise work time of vehicles fleet managers have access to accurate, automated records of how long an employee worked. This will verify that employees are paid accurately for the hours they work while eliminating time and efforts spent manually matching up timesheets to job tickets.

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Trax Realtime Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Trax Locator solution offers live web vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Get around the clock visibility and control of your mobile assets from any PC, tablet, or mobile device with internet connection.

No need for specific app installation or special hardware requirements.

Asset Tracker Easy

Asset Tracker

With Asset Tracker from Teltonika, you can track anything, anywhere such as construction equipment monitoring, assets, furniture, tools, and generators. 

This solution can also serve car rental companies or any company that has physical rental or leasing services, the asset tracker will be used as a backup in case the main GPS tracker gets stolen, removed, or stops working. This gives you a great advantage, as you can always know the location of your assets.

LOGGIT, a Remote Temperature Monitoring System

LOGGIT is an affordable real-time web based monitoring system for temperature, humidity, liquid levels, door movements, and door sensors in the location where it is installed.

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Other IoT Applications

IoT provides businesses with a real-time look into how their systems really work, delivering insights into everything from the performance of machines to supply chain and logistics operations.

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