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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Boost the Performance of Your Fleet

TraxLocator solution offers live vehicle tracking and fleet management. Available from the web browser and from the mobile app. Get around-the-clock visibility and control of your mobile assets from any PC, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection.


Telematics technology can help fleet managers improve operations in major areas.

Decreased Fuel Costs

By tracking fuel consumption, vehicle idling, or fuel slippage, managers can address these issues promptly and plan the most efficient routes for each driver to reduce unnecessary mileage and save costs.

Improved Safety

Continuous feedback regarding driving behavior can also improve safety by reducing unwanted habits such as speeding and harsh braking, which can also lower vehicle depreciation and repair costs.

Better Payroll Management

By tracking precise work time, fleet managers can access accurate, automated records of employee hours, eliminating the need for manual timesheet matching and ensuring accurate payroll management.

Stay Connected Anywhere: Choose Your Preferred GPS Tracking Option

The TraxLocator user interface is designed to provide a user-friendly experience for managing and tracking assets in real-time.

TraxLocator is available as a web solution or a mobile app, The web-based application can be accessed through a web browser from any device, providing a larger screen and more detailed view.

Moreover, we also have the availability of a mobile app that works on IOS and Android.

Clients can view real-time location data, monitor driving behavior, and receive alerts, regardless of which option they choose.


Stay One Step Ahead with TraxLocator's Geofencing Feature

TraxLocator’s geofencing feature keeps you in control by allowing you to create virtual zones on a map and receive alerts when a predefined object enters or exits that zone.

This advanced technology provides real-time asset monitoring capabilities, allowing you to stay on top of asset location, status, and sensor data.

With TraxLocator’s geofencing feature, you can take proactive measures to optimize your operations and respond quickly to critical events, ensuring that your assets are always secure and accounted for.

Stay Connected with Your Assets: Monitor Disconnections, Power Cuts, and Low Battery

TraxLocator’s advanced asset monitoring capabilities allow you to stay connected with your assets at all times. With the ability to monitor disconnections, power cuts, and low battery, you can take proactive measures to prevent downtime and ensure that your assets are always secure and accounted for.

When an asset is disconnected or there is a power cut, TraxLocator will immediately alert you with a notification to enable prompt action and quickly respond to the situation.

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Maximize Your Fleet's Profitability with TRAXLocator's Comprehensive Expense Management System

TraxLocator’s expense management tools provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing your fleet’s operational costs. With the ability to manage expenses, repair costs, maintenance costs, and insurance. 

TraxLocator enables you to effectively track and analyze your fleet’s expenses, identify areas for improvement, and make informed business decisions. The system’s service report feature allows you to schedule maintenance according to mileage or time intervals, ensuring that your fleet is always in top condition.

Additionally, TraxLocator’s fuel logging enables you to monitor fuel consumption and optimize operational costs. Trust TraxLocator to provide the tools you need for effective expense management and optimized fleet operations.

Protect Sensitive Goods with TraxLocator's Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

TraxLocator’s temperature and humidity monitoring capabilities provide you with real-time data to effectively monitor and manage the conditions of your assets through the installation of logic sensors.

By integrating with sensors, configuring thresholds, generating alerts, and logging historical data, TraxLocator ensures the integrity and quality of sensitive goods, preventing damage and maintaining optimal conditions for storage and transportation.

With TraxLocator you can take proactive measures to prevent issues before they occur, ensuring that sensitive goods remain in the best possible condition. In addition you can trust TraxLocator to protect your valuable assets and maintain their quality throughout the supply chain.


Transform Your Fleet Management with Real-Time Monitoring and Live Notifications

With real-time monitoring and live notifications, you can track asset location, monitor driver identity, and driver behavior. The system’s driver behavior monitoring capabilities, such as overspeed, harsh braking, and engine idling, enable you to improve driver safety and reduce vehicle depreciation, repair, and maintenance costs.

The system’s route optimization feature helps you plan the most efficient routes for your drivers, reducing unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption.

Additionally, TraxLocator’s historical data analysis enables you to identify trends and patterns that can inform future business decisions.

Benefit from Seamless Data Backup with TraxLocator's Cloud-Based Solution

TraxLocator’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures the secure and reliable storage of your data.  With data encryption and the ability to save up to 99,000 records for up to 1 year, TraxLocator provides peace of mind and easy access to critical information.

You don’t have to worry about extra storage on your devices. Trust TraxLocator to provide secure and reliable cloud-based storage for all your fleet management needs.


Unlock the Power of Your Fleet Data with TraxLocator's Customizable and Insightful Reports

TraxLocator’s comprehensive reporting features offer the ability to generate detailed reports for all criteria, including current position, drives & stops, travel sheet, mileage, overspeed, and under speed.

In addition, TraxLocator provides graphical reports for speed, overspeed, altitude, ignition, fuel level, temperature, sensors, door sensors, map reports, routes, and routes with stops.

TraxLocator also offers custom reports upon request, ensuring that you have all the information you need.


“Trax enabled us to effectively monitor vehicle, driver and job performance, which has greatly helped to improve our operations and fleet safety practices in UAE, QATAR , KSA and Lebanon. Their solution has drastically improved our fleet management practices.”

Some of Our TraxLocator Clients

Who Can Benefit from TraxLocator

Retail Stores

with delivery service to optimize delivery routes and times, and improve asset utilization

Manufacturing Companies

willing to optimize transportation logistics

Car Rental Companies

to track the location and status of vehicles in real-time, and track maintenance and insurance schedules

Transportation & Logistics

Optimize transportation routes, & monitor driver behavior

Food and Beverage Businesses

Temperature and humidity monitoring systems ensure the quality and safety of food and beverage during storage and transportation


Ensure that their medication storage areas are kept at optimal temperature and humidity levels

Data Centers

which require precise environmental conditions to ensure the safety and reliability of their critical IT equipment

Any Industry

that relies on transportation, logistics, or storage of sensitive goods

Why Choose TraxLocator


We pride ourselves on offering the very best in customer service and support for all our fleet management services.

Security for Your Data

We take every step to ensure that your sensitive business data is protected with the latest technology.

Data Backup Without Storage Needed

Save up to 99,000 records without the need for storage space.

Flexibility & Customization

Get the customizations and Integrations for your unique business needs.

Additional Features for Mobile Phone Tracking

Get additional features for mobile phone tracking of employees to maximize work efficiency, time management, and increase productivity.

Track a Mobile

Track the location of employees to increase transparency.

Send Tasks Over the Phone

Send tasks directly to the employee mobile phone with ability to change task status by the employees to tack work progress in real time.

Chat Option

Benefit from a channel dedicated for work with no distractions from personal chat messages, in addition to chat history saved.

Send Pictures and Save Location

Employees can send and save pictures or client location directly in the customer’s records, get instant access and feedback from management or technical team.

Trax Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracker

People use smartphone to check map to travel with internet and gps application for vacation

Locate, track, and control any car through your smart-phone!

Benefit from:

Location tracking for your personal vehicle

Satellite navigation

Max speed monitoring

Map tracking

Storing and generating historical data

Block-unblock your vehicle in case of theft

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