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Trax Real Time Vehicle Tracking

What is Trax Real Time Vehicle Tracking?

TraxLocator solution offers live web vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Get around the clock visibility and control of your mobile assets from any PC, tablet, or mobile device with internet connection.

No need for specific app installation or special hardware requirements.

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Why Use a Vehicle Tracking System?

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Achieve better, safer and more efficient fleet operations which translates into increased profitability over time.

Prevention of vehicle theft

Reduced fuel and maintenance costs

Easy report generation

Improved decision making

Main Features of Trax

Real-time status monitoring from web browser, no app download

Historical data saving for up to 1 year and ability to store and forward up to 99,000 records

Street & road mapping and unlimited geo-fenced areas

Driver identification, driver history, overspeed and harsh break, engine idle

Monitor disconnected machine, power cut, or low battery

Humidity, temperature, and logic sensors

Manage fleet maintenance and expenses

Updates available remotely with minimal cost

Detailed wide range of regular and graphic reports available

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Additional Features for Mobile Phone Tracking

Get additional features for mobile phone tracking of employees to maximize work efficiency, time management, and increase productivity.

Track a mobile

Track the location of employees to increase transparency.

Send task over the phone

Send tasks directly to the employee mobile phone with ability to change task status by the employees to tack work progress in real time.

Chat option

Benefit from a channel dedicated for work with no distractions from personal chat messages, in addition to chat history saved.

Send pictures and save location

Employees can send and save pictures or client location directly in the customer’s records, get instant access and feedback from management or technical team.

Report Generation

Detailed reports can be generated and exported as HTML , XLS, or PDF in addition to graphical reports analogue value events and logical sensors with Custom reports upon request.

Data reports

Detailed reports for all criteria: current position, drives & stops, travel sheet, mileage, overspeed, and under speed

Zone in/out with general information

Reports for all pre-set events

Service report according to mileage or time interval

Logic sensors

RFID and iButton logbook

Driver behavior (RAG by object or drivers)


Fuel fillings and thefts

Graphical reports

Speed, overspeed, altitude

Ignition, fuel level, temperature

Sensor, door sensor

Map reports, routes, routes with stops

Media reports, image gallery

Custom reports upon request

Trax Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracker


Locate, track, and control any car through your smart-phone!

Benefit from:

Location tracking for your personal vehicle

Satellite navigation

Max speed monitoring

Map tracking

Storing and generating historical data

Block-unblock your vehicle in case of theft

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We pride ourselves on offering the very best in customer service and support for all our fleet management services.

Flexible installation

Our team of installers can be flexible to meet your needs

Chat Security for your data

We take every step to ensure that your sensitive business data is protected with the latest technology.

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